Thursday, 16 January 2014

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat methods are questionable but not inadmissible SEO techniques. These methods won’t get you banned from search engines, but you could be penalized. Competing websites could also report you to search engines for using these techniques which could remove you from search results.

Grey hat methods include:
  • Using a high volume of keywords
  • Publishing multiple instances of the same content
  • Buying links solely to raise link popularity
The best way to make sure your website doesn't get punished by search engines is to keep your audience in mind. How does your website look to someone who has never seen it? Does written content flow smoothly, or do keywords seem unnaturally placed?  Will visitors find the same content repeatedly? Your website should look professional and trustworthy.
If you still have trouble with web traffic, check for the following:

  • Duplicate Meta descriptions or content: do you reuse the same Meta descriptions or content on multiple pages?
  • Confusing navigation: is it hard for visitors to navigate your website?
  • Dead links: will visitors leave your site because many links don’t work?


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